Why Choose Cibus 52?

Cibus 52 is a flavour designed to enhance the aroma and overall attractiveness of dairy feeds, mineral feeds, and premixes.  Optimizing the feed intake of dairy cows is essential, ensuring that the attractiveness of the dairy ration is an integral part of the overall feed strategy.

Cibus 52 uses a pleasant Acidulated Fruit flavour to encourage this positive association.

Cibus 52 offers a flexible use case with an ability to be used in a wide range of pelleted or non-pelleted feeds, premixes and mineral feeds for Beef and Dairy cows.

Cibus 52 Overview

Cibus 52 offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Enhanced attractiveness and aromatic profile with Acidulated Fruit flavour designed specifically for pelleted and non-pelleted mixes.
● Reduces the chance of alarm reactions to feed formulation changes
● Develops positive psychological association between odour and feed to stimulate consumption

Species Feeding Rate ( grams / m.t.) Feeding Strategy
Dairy Cows 300 - 500 Premixes & Minerals
Dairy Cows 300 - 500 Pelleted & Non-Pelleted Feeds